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Research Paper example - aye aye

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Research Paper
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Aye-aye is one of the mysterious creatures on earth found mainly in Madagascar. “These rare animals may not look like primates at…

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This third digit is independent in movement from the other digits and is extremely versatile. The third digits complete independence in movement serves two main purposes, tapping to find insects within cavities in wood and probing to find and remove larvae from those cavities. This method of locating and extracting insect larval prey is called percussive foraging (Aye-aye Daubentonia madagascariensis)
The unique appearance, rodent like teeth, peculiar ways of finding food, superstitions around it etc made aye-aye one of the interesting creations of God. “It is the world’s largest nocturnal primate, and is characterized by its unique method of finding food; it taps on trees to find grubs, then gnaws holes in the wood and inserts its elongated middle finger to pull the grubs out” (Aye-Aye Madagascar). This paper briefly analyses different features and superstitions associated with aye-aye.
Aye-aye found mainly on the east coast of Madagascar. Rain forests are the habitat of this creature. Majority of the time, aye ayes are spent on tree tops even though they occasionally climb down and moving on the land. However, the destruction of forests or deforestation caused aye-ayes to come out from their natural habitat and visit the populated areas. Aye-aye is a mammal which makes nests for its shelter. “The nests appear as closed spheres with single entry holes, situated in the forks of large trees” (Aye-aye). Like many of the other creatures, they sleep during day and hunt during the night. The major foods of aye-ayes are nuts, grubs, fruits, nectar, seeds, fungi etc. It eats both plants and meats or it eats both vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods. Coconuts, mangoes, sugar cane, eggs of other creatures etc are other major foods of aye-aye.
The diet of the aye-aye is largely wood-boring grubs, which are found under the bark of trees. The aye-aye uses its long middle finger to carefully tap the wood, and it uses ...
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