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Strategic Plan

objectives of the institution, strategies to address each of the objectives, at least one inmate program that will aid in achieving each objective and a method for assessing success for each objective. If this research paper was read by the public, the definite impact would be that many people would be informed about this correctional institution. criminals would fear going there and the public would know that the United states government cares for their welfare and security. The proposed strategies would probably be adopted or modified by the management at ADX Florence. The research has been done using internet sources whose references are listed at the end of this research paper.
The name of this maximum facility correctional institution is ADX. it is also known by the names ADX Florence, Florence ADMAX, Supermax or the Alcatraz of the Rockies. as mentioned above, this penitentiary is governed by the Federal Bureau of Prisons of the United States. The facility was opened in 1994 and it is located at Fremont County Colorado. its security class is ranked as Supermax hence the name. actually ADX Florence is the most secure prison in the United States earning itself a record in the Guinness world book of records. the facility houses prisoners that have been rendered too dangerous or high-profile for normal prisoners. 95% of prisoners sent here have a history of violent behavior in other normal prisons. here are images of the exterior view of the prison.
A published mission statement could not be found but the reason why the penitentiary was founded was to be a home to United States most violent and evil criminals most of whom had committed various murders and had no value for life. the long term goal ...
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This research gives an insight into the running of this most feared prison. the points highlighted will include the full name…
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