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Name of the Student Music Name of the Concerned Professor 28 July 2013 Outline I. Introduction a. What is Harlem Renaissance? b. The impact of Harlem Renaissance II. Harlem Renaissance and music a. Jazz music b. Peculiarities of the music of those times c.


Edward Kennedy ‘Duke’ Ellington V. Conclusion Biography on Harlem Renaissance Introduction Harlem Renaissance happened to be a predominantly African American cultural movement that spanned across 1919 to mid 30s (Kramer & Russ 4). The overall impact of the Harlem Reniassance on the American music and literature happened to be so pivotal that its reverberations could still be discerned in the contemporary American cultural landscape. The most peculiar aspect of the Harlem Renaissance was that it was ushered in by African American thinkers, artists, writers and musicians who evinced a prominent predilection towards the quintessential African American culture and heritage (Kramer & Russ 10). Harlem Reniassance was particularly marked by a distinct shift towards a self confident and strongly embracing notion of the racial pride and ethnic identity, which metamorphosed into remarkable cultural, artistic and literary achievements (Kramer & Russ 47). Harlem Renaissance evinced an effervescent and zealous interest in the black history and cultural moorings amongst the African American middle class. One of the salient objectives of the Harlem Renaissance was an honest portrayal of the African American talent and heritage through art, literature, music and thought. The objective of the central ideals eschewed by the Harlem Renaissance was to attempt a serious portrayal of the overall African American experience in its totality. ...
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