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Entertainment law in the London Olympics The London Olympics is a spectacular event that enjoys huge attendance by people from all over the world. The people are compelled to attend the world event as it happens after a significantly long period of time. To many, attending such an event is a historic occasion that is highly rated in the world.


Having a good plan for the events is just one of the basic steps toward making the event plausible and interesting. There are other factors that should be put into consideration depending on the amount of efforts needed. These are occasional factors that affect the ultimate outcome of the events as most people are likely to be affected. Since there will be a large turnout of people during the international event, business people will focus on the opportunity to make huge profits (Gillies 2004, p 63). The people in attendance will need basic services to make their stay bearable. Therefore, they will have to get the services from the business people in and around London. Though the businesses in the area may be temporary they will be of greater help to the concerned parties. The businesses will provide the services to the people at their opportune costs depending on their pricing. However, this should be done with due regard to the business laws that have been instituted by various entities. In any business deal there have to be laws that will govern the business that are occurring in the area. For instance the world has experienced unscrupulous business people that need to get lucrative amounts of cash from unsuspecting people. With such intensions they end up swindling the customers in the area. ...
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