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Can Glee be called a musical in the classical sense?

This "Can Glee be called a musical in the classical sense?" dissertation describes particular features of the musical and analyze Glee to answer the question if we can count it as classical musical or no. The musical began as early as the 1600s, usually which was referred to as a narrative like opera. The main component was to create a hybrid model of the performances between acting and music. The narrative would depict the main ideals that were being told in the story, while the musical numbers were able to pause to reflect on the emotions and responses from the characters according to what was occurring within the plot. The musical numbers are able to take the viewer outside of the reality of what is occurring and break into the songs to show the other perspectives of what is occurring within the film. This is followed with narrative, performance and the dance gestures which follow each of the musical components as well as the overall structure of the musical. By adding in the hybrid expressions for the musical, there was the ability to have more creative expressions and freedom that allowed the viewer to understand the context of the narrative differently, either for entertainment or to deepen the meaning of the main film. The different concepts of the musical move beyond the interchanges of form and medium and into ways in which the musical is able to create a significant change to the overall feel of the performance. In both theater and film musicals, there is the use of music to change the context of the performance. ...
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This work outlines the evolution of the musical and reasons if the Glee is a classical musical. Glee is an example of a new idea from the older concepts of musicals is from the television series. This particular musical, comedy and drama re-create the formula of the musical…
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