The Commercial Overhype Surrounding the Music Industry

The Commercial Overhype Surrounding the Music Industry Article example
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Name Tutor Course College Date The commercial overhype surrounding the music industry The music industry has been marked by a rise in the use of futuristic sounds over the past few years. Drum sets have been replaced by electronic bass thumps, guitarists and vocalists have become invisible, and multi-member rock bands have been reduced to superstar DJs.


Various electronic dance music festivals around the world have managed to draw the attention of other media that has helped propagate the popularity of electronic music. The major festivals attract over a hundred thousand people and create endorsement opportunities for major record labels, distributors, and promoters. This has helped fuel massive investment into this genre, giving it quick commercial success. In the past, music was real and was played by real musical instruments. Such instruments included drums, sticks and pianos that were used to accompany the smooth natural voice. However with the commercialization of music, an artificial sense of superiority has been created. Most of the music played in clubs and everywhere else is not the real music rather it is just the use of electronics to create a certain type of music that is similar to the natural music but sounds superior to the natural music. This kind of creation has made it almost impossible for natural music to make it in the market as it very inferior to the EDM. There is a worry that the future generations will not have the taste of any natural music due to the current trend. EDM is currently receiving much attention in the field of music. ...
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