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(Name) (Instructors’ name) (Course) (Date) New Orleans Jazz Bands One aspect that emerges as quite distinguishable in the New Orleans culture is jazz funeral. Among all American cities, jazz funerals in New Orleans were only peculiar to New Orleans, as noted by Architect Benjamin Henry Latrobe in 1819.


Secret societies ascribed to the Yoruba and Dahomean people assured fellow tribesmen of a proper burial being performed following one’s death. In order to oversee the accomplishment of this guarantee, resources were pooled in order to ensure the formation of what was generally labeled an early insurance form (Hersch, 32). When slaves were shipped to America, the notion of affording proper burials to fellow sisters or brothers remained strong. With the passing of time, the same concepts that had deep roots in African ideology evolved into one of the basic principles that formed the social as well as pleasure clubs in New Orleans. In a similar way that numerous fraternal orders did, this social club guaranteed proper conditions of burial to any member who eventually passed. These organizations emerged as precursors to companies dealing with debit insurance and burial insurance as a concept (Jacobsen, 55). In New Orleans, they talk of an individual ‘being sent off with music’. The Jazz funeral is New Orleans’s fundamental music experience. It is imperative that an individual be buried properly to ensure that their souls are at peace. The African protocols that marked a proper burial in New Orleans encountered those of Europe. ...
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