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Name Course number Professor’s name Date About the Film ‘Amadeus’ There are so many interpretations to the film ‘Amadeus’. It could be a real story about one’s personal life, it could be a fictional story, or it could be a Mozart lover or hater, trying to relay some message to Mozart lovers and haters.


The problem is, this is just a film, and any film could include real life stories or be just fiction. Additionally, the person taking the confession is a priest. Priests are not allowed to share any person’s confession. One could, therefore, wonder how the story was obtained. According to Saileri in the film, he is the one who killed Mozart. Killing Mozart has different meanings from the author of the film’s perspective and from Saileri’s perspective. The author by portraying this as a confession may be trying to tell the story according to what has been said for a long time in the streets. He may also be telling people, that Saileri undeniably, confessed to having killed Mozart. A murder of Mozart, however, has different meanings. The fact that Saileri was in an asylum represents his status at the time. He was not of sound mind. Saileri even tried to slit his throat. Killing Mozart could also have a different meaning in that, Saileri did not literally kill him using poison or any other thing, but may have pressured him too much. Again one could say that pressure is not only negative, as portrayed in the whole movie where Saileri, pushes him to finish the Requiem. This could have a different meaning; trying to tell people that since they were rivals, he was the source of his problems. ...
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