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The Importance of Wound Healing in Relation to Nutrition

This paper approves that older people in the UK are vulnerable towards chronic wounds such as venous leg ulcers, pressure ulcers, and foot ulcers. Malnutrition among older people usually takes place either in the form of over nutrition or under nutrition. Both seem to be detrimental to the wound healing process of the patients. It is therefore necessary that older people consume energy sources and other nutrients that are necessary for the functioning of the body only. In the case of older persons, no general doses of nutrients can be prescribed as the nutritional needs of each one vary considerably. Thus, this calls for the need to have a one to one relationship between the healthcare professional and the wounded patient.
This report makes a conclusion that the physicians and health care professionals including nurses need to display an understanding of the various nutrients and vitamins that are necessary at each phase of the wound healing process. There should be a step by step procedure to identify the nutritional needs as well as the nutritional deficiencies of all wounded patients. Patients with chronic wounds are to be offered the necessary nutritional supplementation in accordance with the individual nutritional needs of each one. In the case of older patients with chronic wounds both over use and under use of nutrition are problematic and only a qualified specialist can administer nutritious diets or nutritional supplementation to these patients. However, an understanding of the various nutrients accelerating wound healing and the potential roles played by them at each stage of the wound healing process is beneficial to everyone. ...
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This paper seeks to explore how far nutrition or nutrition supplementation contributes to effective wound healing especially among the older population in U.K who are found to be vulnerable towards chronic wounds and nutrition deficiency. The introduction unearths the purpose of the research, reveals the scope and significance of the topic and states the research questions. …
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