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The Role of the Advanced Practice Nurse Name: Lecturer: Institution of Affiliation: Course: Date: The Role of the Advanced Practice Nurse Introduction The complexity of the contemporary healthcare environment has significantly changed and the role of nurses has also continued to change due to increased technology advancement.


Educators are now required to offer effective training services to graduates in order to prepare them with clear understanding of the Advanced Practice Nurse (APN) roles. APN refers as the nursing interventions that influence healthcare outcomes such as care management, nursing administration, direct clinical care of individual patients and development of healthcare policies (Hamric and Hanson, 2003). Understanding APN roles, professional and regulatory issues will enable nurses to make reasonable transition in the healthcare market. Educators should employ effective approaches for building APN role content into graduate course units since this can enable nurses to their intended goals effectively. Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to offer clear analysis of the roles being played by advanced practice nurses in the contemporary healthcare market. Core APN competencies The core competencies for APN nursing roles arise from role requirements, nursing regulations, nursing principles and practices, as well as, professional behavior standards necessary to offer competent, ethical and safe care. These core competencies offer the basis through which practitioners, human resource managers and educators can determine the acceptance level necessary for practicing in APN role in a certain situational context. ...
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