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Management of Mean Hyperglycaemia Levels in ICU Patients Student’s name Course name and number Instructor’s name Date submitted Table of Contents Introduction 4 Problem Statement 4 Literature Review 7 Hypothesis 12 Research Design 13 Role and Bias of Researcher 14 Target Population and Sampling Criterion 15 Method of Data Collection 16 Instruments of Data Collection 17 Description of the Data 18 Research Procedure 19 Data Analysis 20 Conclusion 21 References 24 Appendix A 29 This text is the official proposal for a research study offering insight into and solutions for the problem of improper nursing of victims of hyperglycemia (i-e blood glucose concentration over 180 dl/mg) in Intensive


The next part suggests the method(s) to be used to collect data. Then there is a description of the instrument of research followed by identification of the data to be collected. The proposal includes a comprehensive summary of the research procedure. A reflection over the formulation of the proposal concludes the project. Introduction Medical aid workers have been metaphorically referred to as angels in various records ranging from religious scriptures to war diaries. That money has a direct link to professional medical work means the impetus for helping others stay healthy has changed in its entirety across the developed world. Nursing is just another profession now though still slightly more noble than the average social service profession. ...
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