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Running head: Literature review: Chronic disease management Literature review: Chronic disease management (name) (school) (date) Literature Review: Chronic Disease Management Introduction Chronic disease management is one of the most difficult aspects of health care delivery.


They may also be afflicted with diseases which have no cure, only management interventions. These diseases include cancer, AIDS, diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, coronary heart disease, and similar chronic illnesses. Knowledge of appropriate management measures helps ensure adequate management of symptoms, leading to improved patient outcomes. This paper shall critique and evaluate an article on chronic pain management among cancer patients. Literature Review In the paper by Miaskowski, (2004), the authors sought to test the effectiveness of the PRO-SELF Pain Control Program when compared with standard care in reducing pain intensity scores, increasing appropriate analgesic prescriptions, and increasing analgesic intake in cancer outpatients with pain from bone metastasis. This study covered seven outpatient settings in Northern California, including a university-based cancer center, two community-based oncology practices, one health maintenance organization, one outpatient radiation therapy center, one veteran’s affairs facility, and one military hospital. In this study, the patients were assigned randomly in either the PRO-SELF intervention or standard care intervention. Those under standard care were visited by a research nurse three times, and then called three times by phone between home visits. ...
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