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Visions of Success of Minority Nursing Students

This paper makes the stress that should be towards providing the quality education and other required resources to the students. The college should build networks with other social organizations present within the community to provide the proper help to students in need. This aid can be in the form of counseling and development, financial assistance and advocacy needs. The minority students attending the institution should feel secure and confident every way possible. In the end, it should be remembered that the primary objective is the same as the one set by the American Nurses Association which is to construct a “diverse workforce”
This report makes a conclusion that to determine the effectiveness of the above-mentioned plan, among other approaches, the most useful method will be surveying the teachers and students. To measure the effectiveness of the educators training procedures, it will be hugely constructive to survey the teachers upon completion of the workshops. It will help in determining whether trainees have experienced any change in their outlook or experienced any awareness regarding dealing with minority students. Afterwards, their performance can be measured by surveying their students. The value of outreach program can be determined by interviewing and surveying the high school students. Keeping statistical data of students from different high schools, registering and attending the information sessions, as well as enrolling in the nursing degree will immensely help in providing valuable information to tweak the program. On the whole, the full impact of this plan can be seen by any increase or decrease in the enrollment of minority students in future semesters. ...
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This paper talks that the state of California has been an attractive destination for the immigrants for many decades. This huge surge of incomers has gradually resulted in increasing economic, societal, and academic issues, notably the rising poverty rate and deterioration of educational standards for the minority, most importantly, the ‘colored’ youth. …
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