visions of success of minority nursing students

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Running Header: ACHIEVING A RACIALLY ACCOMODATING ENVIRONEMNT A Plan of Action for Achieving a Racially Accommodating Environment in the Nursing Programs of California Junior Colleges First Name Last Name University Name Class Professor Date Introduction The state of California, with its promise of a glamorous and an affluent life, has been an attractive destination for the immigrants for many decades.


According to a survey conducted in 2001 by the National Center for Children in Poverty in the State of California, in the past two decades the Hispanic youth has turned out be the biggest segment living in poverty, going from 41 % in 1983 to 61% in 2000. The rate of poverty of other minority youth pretty much remained the same. In addition, it was found that the poverty rate for the immigrants' children is 29%, and is a far bigger number than the poverty rate for non-immigrant youth, which is only 17%. As far as the family structure is concerned, the 48% of the poor youth are from two-parent families, 42% are from mother-only families, 6% are from father only families, whereas remaining 4% are without both parents (Palmer et al, 2002). These findings show that the minority youth population is increasing significantly; a large portion of it, while living in single parent families, is suffering from poverty. ...
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