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To, {The Local Legislator}, {Office Address}, Florida. Subject: Revision of policy on nurses’ power to prescribe drugs Respected Sir/Madam, I would like to bring to your notice the policy restriction on nurses from prescribing certain drugs to patients. Drugs not allowed for prescription to nurses include certain painkillers and controlled substances.


Moreover, health care bills increase significantly too. The discussion below explores this dilemma in greater detail. Hopefully you will support our side of the argument once you are done with this letter. At this point in time, the only states where nurses are not allowed to prescribe controlled substance based drugs are Florida and Alabama. Similarly, Florida and Kentucky are the only two states where a physician’s assistant is not allowed to prescribe controlled substance based drugs. All other states allow professionally trained and experienced nurses to prescribe controlled substances based drugs. (Ford, 2011) The primary reason cited for this practice is the need to control the prescription of controlled substances. Opponents argue that allowing the 13,000 nurses practitioners in Florida to prescribe controlled substances drugs would make drug abuse worse. (Associated Press, 2009) However, opponents assume that nurse practitioners in Florida are all geared up to abuse their power to prescribe controlled substance drugs if they are allowed to do it. Given the fact that nurses in Florida contribute positively to medical health care, such an assumption is highly unreasonable. ...
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