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Running head: CRITICAL APPRAISAL # 1 Critical Appraisal # 1 Course Instructor’s Name Submission Date Critical Appraisal # 1 Theoretical Framework a. The study framework was clearly indentified as Model of Impaired Sleep (Lee et al., 2004), which is a substantive theory (Burns & Grove, 2009).


The major study concepts include: sleep loss (deprivation or disruption) and cognitive-behavioral outcomes such as decreased sleep duration, increased daytime sleepiness, decreased alertness/drowsiness (vigilance) and increased accidents/errors (nurse & patients). Variable Identification and Definitions Independent Variable: Fatigue Countermeasures Program for Nurses (FCMPN) Conceptual Definition: “The 60-minute education component of the FCMPN included information about fatigue, sleep, and circadian rhythms: neurobehavioral and health effects associated with sleep loss or deprivation; and misconceptions about sleepiness. Strategies for managing alertness, minimizing fatigue, and maximizing sleep duration and quality were highlighted …” The program is discussed in detail in Scott et al. (2010, p. 252) article. Operational Definition: “The underlying concept of most fatigue countermeasures programs is that fatigue management is a joint responsibility of the employing institution and each employee. Comprehensive programs to manage fatigue in work setting usually include the following six elements: (a) education and training, (b) compliance with hours of service regulation, (c) appropriate scheduling practices, (d) countermeasures that can be instituted in the work setting, (e) design (ergonometric) and technology (fail-safe designs), and (f) research” (Scott et al., 2010, p. 252). ...
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