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education in appalachia

Appalachia’s economic traditions were formed by coal: the ordinary laborer is employed to an occupation s/he believed would be for a lifetime and is prepared and educated on the job (Fisher, 1993). Unfortunately, these occupations do no longer exist. Hence, the Appalachian people are being mandated to acquire their education prior to entering the workforce. People are being obliged to complete some form of education if they plan to get a job in the future (Powell, 2008). But economic progress is also being hampered by the dominant condition of education in the rural communities of Appalachia. Course Outcomes Outcome One: Demographic and Socioeconomic Status As the disparity in rates of poverty between the country and Appalachia was closing over the recent decades, the Appalachian people were coping with other parts of the country in relation to numbers of high school graduates (Ziliak, 2007). According to Ziliak (2007, 1), completion rates in high school grew by 50% between 1979 and 1999 (see Appendix A) in Appalachian Kentucky, and current studies show that these developments resulted in the remarkable progress in per capita individual income of Kentucky over the recent decades. ...
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Running Head: Appalachia Education in Appalachia Name Name of Professor Introduction Mitigating the issue of poverty in Appalachia is difficult, yet increasing proof indicates that for Appalachia to lessen the disparity in poverty in relation to the country, numbers of graduates in high school and college should improve…
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