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Carlinville Area Hospital Quality Improvement Plan Name Course Instructor Date of Submission Executive summary Carlinville Area Hospital planned quality improvement (QI) plan is aimed at improving the medication administration within the hospital. A number of studies have identified that many injuries and death caused by drugs is experienced owing to medication errors and lack of appropriate medication information among the patients.


Carlinville Area Hospital planned quality improvement (QI) plan will ensure that quality and safety health care service is offered to the patients through proper medication administration. Carlinville Area Hospital plans to engage all its employees in improvement plan irrespective of the level in the organization structure. Carlinville Area Hospital will ensure that its Quality improvement plan is congruent with its key objectives that include but not limited to safety, patient centered, effectiveness, equitable, efficiency, and timely health care service. Carlinville Area Hospital QI plan will cover a wide range of activities that include but not limited to Risk management activities Professional staff credentialing; automated drug-ordering systems; medical record review; prescription legibility; drug labeling and packaging; and patient education on prescribed medications. Carlinville Area Hospital will use six-sigma methodology for its QI implementation plan. The six-sigma methodology will allow the hospital to gather necessary information relating to the present organization’s medication management, which will give clue to management about the processes and activities that require improvement. ...
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