Societal Influences on Nursing as a Profession

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Societal influences on nursing as a profession Your name Institution Societal influences on nursing as a profession The development of nursing profession is directly linked to historical impact throughout the ages starting in antiquity. Initially, the safest and preferable mode of nursing offered in a person’s own home, where family members cared for their sick.


Since the onset of nursing as a profession in the 19th century nurses have been controlled by professional ethics. Florence Nightingale provided the impetus for nursing practice as a profession. Her contribution to establishment of ethical codes led to its formal adoption in 1950. Ethical codes has helped several profession including nursing have helped in defining professionalism. Recent movements include the International Council of Nursing and American Nurses Association has helped in addressing standards and provision of quality services. Therefore, the current society nursing practices are much different from the ancient practices. Thus, tremendous changes are expected to occur in the profession of nursing due to the current and future societal movements. At family level settings, traditional roles of sisters, daughters, and wives were rooted in nurturing and caring of family members. It is beyond dispute because children have been cared for by women in the history of human beings. Traditional nursing was characterized by accommodative, comforting, and humanistic care (Roux & Halstead, 2008). Wars have been noted to as major contributor to development of the nursing profession, since more services were required to cater for the casualties. ...
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