Essay on Mental Health

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Do Mental Health Services serve the interests of the clients or the rest of society in the treatment packages that they offer? [Name] [Course] [Professor’s name] [Date] While dealing with a mentally challenged person certain ethical considerations have to be kept in mind.


Mental counselors consider the background of the client while advising him on a treatment package so that the treatment becomes affordable. Inclusion of the bartering system involving gifts in treatment packages are generally avoided by the consumer (Code of Ethics, 2000). Current treatment packages have been tailored according to the client’s needs. Treatment packages are directed towards early prevention as well as after care. But criticisms have come up against these treatment packages due to their adherence of strict duration irrespective of the patients needs. Some packages based on group treatments have been neglected individual care (Prinz, n.d). Payments under mental health services are also a complex issue as it is treated more categorically different than other health diseases under Medicare. Related medicines have also become more expensive (A Guide to Mental Wellness in Older Age: Recognizing and Overcoming Depression, n.d). Hence recent treatment packages have benefitted the patients to some extents but also have proved to be costly. The current essay tends to address this issue through various cases and findings. Behavioral factors have always influenced health treatments and it is relatively more important for patients suffering from mental disorders. This factor is also clinically influential on the health conditions of the mental patients (American Psychiatry Association, 2000, p.732). ...
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