Critically analyse the role the mentor when evaluting student learning.

Critically analyse the role the mentor when evaluting student learning. Essay example
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Introduction The fact that nursing students need holistic development for the overall benefit of the healthcare industry cannot be overstated. One of the ways through which the stakeholders have sought to achieve this has been through providing nursing students with an opportunity to gain clinical experience (Theobald and Mitchel 2002).


2006). Clinical placement is, thus, an opportunity to practice the theoretical knowledge gained by the nursing students in the regular classroom work. This experience in nursing students’ life is perhaps best enhanced through providing them with mentorship programs. Such programs provide students with the relevant guidance, much needed support and the required supervision during the clinical placement period (Panther 2008). This study seeks to discuss critically the role of mentors in evaluating nursing students’ learning. A brief overview of the concept of mentorship in nursing will be discussed, followed by a discussion of their importance in a student’s development before arrival at a conclusion based on the study. Overview of Mentorship in Nursing In the UK and around the developed world, mentorship is a concept that formally emerged in the 1980s, describing the guidance relationship between a nursing student in clinical placement and a more experienced individual. According to the DOH (2001), mentorship refers to the role played by the nurse or the midwife in facilitation of the learning experience, supervision and assessment of student nurses in the setting of clinical practice. ...
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