Class Room Development of Diabetes Prevention and Awareness to Nursing Students

Class Room Development of Diabetes Prevention and Awareness to Nursing Students Research Paper example
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Classroom Development of Diabetes and Prevention among Nursing Students Name Institution Nursing Tutor Date Abstract Diabetes has not only become a public health priority, but a global concern. This is as a result of the escalating incidence and prevalence of diabetes in the global community.


Subsequently, majority of diabetes programs are implemented in the form of policies, the involvement of nursing students enable them to acquire the relevant policy making skills and expertise. Also, it enhances their involvement in community action and involvement of the community in designing programs. Strategies which the students can use in the development design and implementation of a program of study is a prototype of the Cherokee action. Consequently, a physical activity strategy can be implemented. All these strategies aimed at diabetes prevention and awareness to nursing students. Introduction It is estimated that approximately 600 million American citizens suffer from diabetes and its related complications. Consequently, a significant proportion of the population is at risk of developing diabetes and adverse health effects associated with obesity and cardiovascular diseases. This entails that the proportion of the population predisposed to developing diabetes will continue to rocket. It is in this insight that the need to identify strategies to prevent diabetes and raise its awareness has become a public health priority. ...
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