Reflection on a Therapeutic Interaction

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Nursing Reflection on Therapeutic Interaction Name Institution My first placement I was in a surgical ward. During my starting days on the ward, I had a difficult time with patients as they required more help with their activities of living, such as movements when changing places and their cleanliness needs.


I had interacted with a number of patients before but in a different context. All patients had been admitted for many different reasons. This involved me in having different kinds of responsibilities from caring for the patients, admitting them and ensuring their general care up to when they were discharged. I was a very concerned when I first started in the surgical ward because the staff that was already there seemed to be more professional. Moreover, I did not know how to behave and act myself in front of the patients. Thirdly, I had no idea on what I was going to answer queries from patients regarding their health in front of the professional staff, but I settled in and understood the routine of the ward, and it was extremely an easy thing to do. The nurse and patient relationship is to be viewed as a significant therapeutic tool for quick recovery of patients. I discovered that effective communication was the key to this nurse patient relationship to be an effective therapeutic tool. The suggested forms of communications that I learnt were; asking questions and allowing patients to express themselves and their feelings, or reassuring patients by means of touch this will be a significant increase in patient satisfaction, patient care and well being. Nurses are the central figure in the well being and care of patients as they provide much of the psychological demand to the patient. ...
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