Midwifery: Promoting Normality For Women With Complex Needs

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Nursing Course title: Midwifery: Promoting Normality for Women with complex needs Course code: NURS 1358 Credit Points: 30 Unit Level: 5 Academic year: 2010/11 Semester Two Abstract This needs assessment report regards a Somali refugee, who was booked in 28+5/40 gravida 1 Para 0.


Findings Psychological needs The woman’s mind was extremely disturbed as a consequence of the disruptions. She was in great distress and anxiety as the episodes of her country’s conflicts were fresh in her mind. The reports she gave is that she had witnessed the brutal killing of her own husband before she was herself raped. The property in the house was turned upside down before it was set on fire. She managed to escape to this country where she is accommodated as a refugee. She often experiences sleepless nights with bad dreams and traumas. The inward fears have braided mistrust and inward feelings of insecurity whenever she is in a crowd or gathering. She is afraid of approaching people or even authority for help since she perceives that everybody is aware of her humiliation. She has therefore never shared the rape incident before and she has always concealed her dreaded pregnancy. Physical needs The woman suffers in severe poverty since she ran from her home empty handed. To begin, she does not have a permanent house so she lives in temporary accommodation. The region is unsafe and has occasionally experienced vandalism and robberies which often add to her traumas. Since she is a refugee, she has got no a legitimate job to earn her a living. In terms of food, she survives by the mercies of her kind neighbors and for the small portions provided for refugees by the government. ...
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