Effect of Hourly Rounding on Clients Satisfaction in a Pediatric Facility.

Effect of Hourly Rounding on Clients Satisfaction in a Pediatric Facility. Research Paper example
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The inclusion of the 200 participants will be composed of clients who have experienced service in the emergency department during the month of April so that unbiased answers based on impression from people who have not experienced service will not be entertained.


The group of participants will be taken from a specific period of time, which is the month of April, so that the study will cover a specific time to have uniformity in time and place of the study to have unbiased outcome. Research Design: To show the correlation of hourly rounding to patients’ satisfaction, the experimental research design will be used in the study. By using the experimental research design the hypothesis will be tested and the relationship between the independent and dependent variable, the hourly rounding and the satisfaction level of clients respectively, will be duly established. Experimental research design is used in the study for experimental research designs best establishes cause-and-effect relationships between variables. Measures: To have clear and precise answers not deviated from the result intended for the study, a research survey questionnaire will be used in the soliciting definite answers regarding patients’ satisfaction on those who have visited the emergency department during the month of April, 2012. The research survey questionnaire is composed of questions regarding patient satisfaction in 3 aspects during their visit in the emergency department: satisfaction on staff, satisfaction on communication process within the unit and the over-all satisfaction during the visit in the emergency department. ...
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