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Literature Support Name Course title Instructor’s name Name of Institution Date of Submission Literature Support Search Method Various search methodologies will be employed in order to gather accurate, relevant and sufficient results on the behaviors which influence the adherence or non-adherence to medical regimens.


On the other hand secondary research approach is used in gathering existing data and information from secondary information materials on the topic under investigation. The primary methods of data collection will employ questionnaires and interviews as the most effective tools of data collection. Through interviews, patients who are prescribed to medical regimens will be asked questions by the investigator with a view of determining the behaviors which determine whether they adhere to their medical regimens or not. Questionnaires on the other hand will be used to give patients sufficient time and privacy of answering various questions that are designed to investigate the behaviors which define their behaviors towards adherence to medical regimens. Inclusion criteria for the primary research will involve selection of a sample from individuals who are under a prescribed medical regimen. Therefore patients with heart conditions, diabetes and chronic diseases will be included in the investigations. Moreover the inclusion criteria will be focused at ensuring that there is diversity among respondents. This means that individuals from various social economic backgrounds, nationality, culture and race will be included in the research. ...
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