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The Concept of Self Care Name Institution Course Instructor’s name Course Code Date of Submission The Concept of Self care Introduction Self care is an important concept that is frequently used both in nursing theory clinical practice. According to WHO (2003), self care is defined as any activity that individuals can do for themselves to enhance their health, manage symptoms and prevent or deal with illness.


The theoretical basis of self care as a nursing concept is based on a number of theories that particularly attempt to explain behavior changes associated with self care practices and why some individuals do or do not undertake some of the self care activities. According to Orem’s conceptual theory of self care, individuals have a strong need to achieve maximum level of independence and take care of themselves. On the other hand, the self regulation model of self care developed Leventhal and Robitaille (1998) argues that the individuals’ differences and motivations is a critical factor that determines their ability to initiate and sustain self care practices. This paper critically analyzes the concept of self care with particular focus to the insights, validity and reliability of the contributions of different authors to the development of the concept. Aims of the analysis The primary aim of this concept analysis is to provide an important insight and critical review of the concept of self care using the methodology of (Walker and Avant, 2010). ...
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