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High Risk Families: Teen Pregnancy High Risk Families: Teen Pregnancy High-risk families cause many problems not only to the individual members of the family, but also to society in which the family exists. Economic problems, substance abuse, child developmental problems, defective physical or mental health, teen pregnancy, unwanted abortions etc are some of the major reasons, which put families into high risk.


(2011), pregnancy can develop problem behaviours and increased substance use in teen around 14years of age. This is because of the confounding effect of variables, such as maternal socio-demographic status, mental health and substance use during pregnancy (p.200). During pregnancy, a female undergoes many psychological changes or mood changes. Even matured females are sometimes face problems in adjusting with such mood changes. In the case of teenagers, such mood changes may cause huge damage to their mental health. Depression, anxiety, hallucinations etc are some of the behavioural problems associated with teen pregnancy. It should be noted that the society and family may not welcome teen pregnancy. Under such circumstances, pregnant teenagers may face some kind of isolation both from the family and from the society. Apart from psychological problems, lot of physical problems may occur to pregnant teenagers. Body undergoes huge physiological changes during pregnancy. The immature body of the teenagers may not be able to adjust properly with such changes and subsequently physical problems may arise. Adeyinka, et al. ...
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