Theory and Knowledge Development in Nursing

Theory and Knowledge Development in Nursing Article example
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Abstract This paper is a study on nursing as a guide for nursing knowledge and how it applies to a nursing setting such as in emergency departments where stress and trauma are a daily occurrence. The paper addresses the metaparadigm of nursing, how it links to the emergency department structure of operations, and how it affects the philosophy of nursing in a practice setting.


While patient cases will have similarities, each case is also uniquely different and may require a different process of determining solutions. A patient is inherently individualistic, based on social and economic factors as well as the type of illness involved. What may work for one patient, may not work for another patient, due to differing circumstances of age, eating habits, social structure and economic environment such as working status or for those who are unemployed. Nursing morals and ethics will also come into play when confronted with issues of insurance coverage and what solutions are available as defined by the coverage, if there is any coverage. Consequently, right answers in one case may not be right in another, based on principles which are not always absolute (Nourreddine, 2001). Nursing Theory as a Guide for Knowledge When evaluating nursing knowledge, nurses will ask themselves what they know; what the extent of that knowledge is, based on how that knowledge is attained through various methods, and whether it is appropriate. Epistemology is the term used for the study in the theory of knowledge which has several basic types. ...
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