The Assessment and Care of a client with complex needs. (Mental Health Nursing Essay)

The Assessment and Care of a client  with complex needs. (Mental Health Nursing Essay) Essay example
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ASSESSMENT AND CARE OF A CLIENT WITH COMPLEX NEEDS Name Course Instructor Institution Date Introduction This paper is a case study of a patient with a dual diagnosis or a co-morbid condition. The case study is described within the paper in line with the complexity of the problems and needs that are faced by the patient.


Finally the lessons that I learned in nursing care in the management of the case of dual diagnosis are explained at the end of the paper. Case Study Ms. M is a 26 year old patient who is referred for nursing care by her advisor at work. This followed significant changes in her normal behavior. The patient history demonstrates that Ms. M stays late without any sleep and wakes up earlier than anybody within her neighborhood. Her employee is also concerned by the fact that she started submitting her work late regardless of her usual behavior in the past when she used to meet all work deadlines. In addition, the workmates have noticed that Ms. M is more enthusiastic and energetic in the morning than before. Ms. M’s sister whom they stay with reports that she suddenly becomes irritable and has been talking about becoming a model despite the fact that she never had interest in modeling before. Ms. M also admits that she has trouble concentrating at work and that sometimes she feels lonely. Complexity of Patient Needs/Problems From the case study, it is evident that Ms. M is exhibiting multiple symptoms which reflect the complexity of her problems and needs. Ms. M’s symptoms are becoming a problem that is likely to cause her to be terminated from work. ...
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