Research proposal- Masters level- I am studying maaster in clinical education- nursing, the topic i need to address with the wri

Research proposal- Masters level- I am studying maaster in clinical education- nursing, the topic i need to address with the wri Research Proposal example
Research Proposal
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RESEARCH PROPOSAL [Your name goes here] [Your class name goes here] [Due date of the paper] Introduction/Background Improved interpersonal communication is the key to personal or professional success for every person. In case of nursing professional, this factor counts even more because in nursing it is concerned not only with the professional responsibilities of nurses but also plays a vital role in the provision of best medical care to patients…


In the handover, nurses inform the new in-charge nurses about the changes in patient’s progress level, as well as the about the treatment that need to be given to the patient during the shift. Nurses gather information for handover from the patient’s care plan, patient record, and other medical documents and present it to other nurses either through face-to-face communication or in the form of taped handovers. In some institutes, nurses also consult patients during handover in order to provide patient-centered care to patients. “Bedside handover provides an opportunity for patients to be involved as active participants in their care” (McMurray, Chaboyer, Wallis, Johnson, & Gehrke, 2011, p. 19). Not all nurses do this but this step is highly appreciated by most of the patients because it plays a vital role in promoting safe and high quality care through higher levels of accuracy in handovers. The participation of patients in handover is considered to be one of the main aspects of high quality nursing care. ...
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