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Nursing Leadership Name: Institution Introduction Leadership is the ability to mobilize people through social influence and initiate necessary efforts to achieve a common goal. The leader has to have an inherent ability to guide and direct and provide cohesiveness and coherence.


It can occur in any form, internal motivated or externally motivated, though if change is to take place it should be for the best to improve the status. For change to take place effectively, addressing the problems should be the first point to be considered. When change takes place things have to be done differently depending on what was changed, it could be time, location, the staff or any other measures. Change and addressing problems should be done systematically, considering the most important to the least important (Antrobus, 2001). Why are there no committees representatives from the units, despite having a hospital committee, this is one of the problems that Nurse Pena should address. A committee representative helps and saves the manager to deal with small issues faced by the staff. They do not have to rush to the manager, leading to wastage of time or even recourses. The manager is scheduled to deal with matters that are beyond being dealt with by the committee representative. (Bachrach, 2007) Despite that manager Pena has a hard time and faces many challenges in managing the two different buildings, the committee representatives cooperates with her greatly in that she does not have to attend to all matters personally leading to her, moving from one building to another. ...
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