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Running Head: Rising Cost of Obstetrics The Rising Cost of Obstetrics and Pre-natal Care in the U.S. Student name: Course Number: Name of Course: Name of Institution: Name of Instructor: 10 July 2013 The problem While costs for hospitalization and drugs have continuously gone up, costs of having a baby are even more expensive.


A study conducted by the Truven Health Analytics Marketscan showed that there are approximately four million childbirths in the United States annually, which cost more than $50 billion. The methods of childbirth are either vaginally or by caesarian section and the costs for these two methods differ. For employer-provided health insurance, the cost for vaginal birth is $32,093 and $51,125 for cesarean birth. For Medicaid covered insurance, the two methods cost $29,800 and $50,373, respectively. (Truven Health Analytics, 2013, p. 6) Studies have shown that childbirth is so expensive in the U.S. Pregnant women pay more for the services they receive. Women have to pay for ultrasound, blood tests, laboratory tests and much more, for a very high cost which have risen fourfold. (Rosenthal, 2013, para. 11) Analysis of the problem The problem has become complicated since women of child-bearing age have decided of delaying having a baby. A study sponsored by the “Fight Crime: Invest in Kids” showed that American women aged 18-40 have decided to delay having a family or not to have a second child because of expensive quality preschool and child care. On the other hand, police officials have called on Congress to invest more on child care since at-risk children who are provided quality health care become good citizens when they grow up. (PR Newswire, 2007, para. ...
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