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Attitudes and Beliefs - Assignment Example


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Attitudes and Beliefs

I took three of the Project Implicit assessments on diversity: (1) Age-Groups, (2) Race, and (3) Social and Political Study. The results of my implicit association with age-groups, race, and social and political standpoints demonstrate some biases towards particular age groups, races, and social and political standpoints. However, these biases, according to the results, are somewhat minimal but still I consider them significant particularly in my chosen career which is counseling. To discuss the results more specifically, the age-group assessment result suggests that I possess an implicit association that children, young adults and middle-aged adults are better than old adults. In terms of the race IAT, I have an implicit preference for Black people and less preference for White people. This result disagrees with the result of my social and political attitudes study which suggests that I have a slight automatic preference for White people compared to Black people. These Project Implicit assessments have made me realize the prejudices I have towards age, race, and various issues in the society. I would have to admit that I was unknowledgeable about these biases until I took these assessments and provided me with suggested results. I understand that to be an effective counselor it is highly essential to develop and keep an open-mind pertaining to different client variables such as race, age, gender, ideologies, religion, social class, and/or gender preference.

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I took three of the Project Implicit assessments on diversity: Age-Groups,Race, and Social and Political Study.The results of my implicit association with age-groups, race, and social and political standpoints demonstrate some biases towards particular age groups, races, and social and political standpoints…
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Attitudes and Beliefs essay example
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