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Call Handler Training Programmes - Assignment Example

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In the United Kingdom, a united police force does not exist. Various police forces are organised at the district level only, and there are presently 43 such forces (Policing 2006). Given the local focus on different types of crime in these districts, a single police organisation would be hard pressed to offer training throughout the UK that would cover all areas…

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Call Handler Training Programmes

This is especially true at the first level of communication__the call handler. Is there a need to improve learning methods for call handlers and would use of modules be the best option This paper will address the question through existing research on the subject.
When an incident occurs which might require police action, the first person to hear about it is the call handler. For this reason, it is important for the call handler to have a thorough knowledge of the area being served and to be aware of what constitutes an incident that requires immediate police action. Because they are often hired without previous experience in police matters, an onsite training course is given over a five-week period. In an online interview with a specific call handler the method of training is delineated as follows (Moule 2004). In the first week, the call handler told the interviewer that her training consisted of becoming familiar with the workspace and the building and being measured for a uniform. This was followed in remaining weeks by learning about law, traffic accidents, firearms and how to grade the calls coming in, with relevant tests along the way. ...
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