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Essay example - Human Trafficking

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Slave-like situations of forced labor and commercial sexual exploitation are occurring at a high rate throughout the world, but especially in the Russian Federation, which is the focus of this paper. The positive economic trends taking place in Russia have not necessarily benefited the ordinary people…

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2). Prostitution in Russia is not against the law, and for this reason, the area has become a popular transit point for traffickers.
Antonio Maria Costa, Executive Director of the U.N. Office on Drugs and Crime, states, "[The fact] that slavery-in the form of human trafficking-still exists in the 21st century shames us all" (Trafficking: Foreword). The exploitation of people, especially sexual exploitation, has grown into a highly lucrative but illegal global market that has had little resistance from governments and agencies.
Slavery has been defined by Wikipedia as systemic exploitation of labor for work and services, without compensation, and the possession of other persons as property. A form of slavery can be traced to ancient civilizations, but in Ancient Egypt, though some peasants sold themselves to repay a debt, once the debt was paid, they were no longer indentured. Even though they could be sold, inherited, or offered as gifts to others, they were accorded a certain degree of respect (History of Slavery). In Russia, at the present time, it is very common for young women in college to sign up as dancers in another country to earn college tuition. As was the case with peasants, these young women were able to return home when their debt was paid, a debt that allowed them to make the trip but didn't leave them any extra money or self-respect. ...
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