Quality of Women's Lives after Retirement

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This study determines the quality of life of retired women aged 75 years and above. It is conducted through primary research using survey among retired women in a nursing institution, with the premise that quality of life is determined by physical, economic, social and other aspects.


This shift has made the world more competitive as women become part of the process that governs the society. As women continue to merge with the revolutionising environment, there were several realities that were noticed. In particular, the welfare of women became a primary consideration in framing social and economic policies. The role that women play in the current society mirrors the improvements in the quality of their lives. This reflection has allowed dedicated individuals to continually study the dimensions of womanhood.
The participation of women in the workforce is considered as a modern breakthrough. Working in offices, factories, and other forms of workplaces have become the major activities of women. Indeed, the increased economic value of women has improved countries. Some women became political leaders and were in the forefront of shaping the new society. Others have continued to improve their overall value in the society. Because of these improvements, women have enjoyed improved quality of life. The income earned by women has allowed easy access to basic necessities and other forms of luxuries.
Like men, working women are privileged to have retirement years. Depending on the industry, women are given the option to retire upon reaching a specific age or number of working years. ...
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