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The Debate on God’s existence Name Institution Course Introduction Over the years, philosophers, theologians, and scientists have engaged each other in the debate on the existence of God or in a supreme but invisible being. Ancient Greece was one of the focal areas as stipulated in philosophy to have presented intense philosophical debates on whether God was in existence, which to some extent proved significant (Corlett, 2010).


On the contrary, other arguments related to the existence of God suggested, that the belief on the existence of God depends on the knowledge that individual has over the subject. In order for the argument on the existence of God to be convincing, philosophers have had to contend with whether it is vital to provide evidence on this subject, which makes it a harder task. The theological argument presented by theists and apologists is the most convincing argument in relation to the existence of God. The need to have proof for the existence of God Ideally, skeptics are unavoidable aspect of living in which proof is a necessity in sustaining various subjects including those of religion. The application is similar in which many individuals seek evidence that substantiates that God exists by tearing into every aspect of God in order to create loopholes for the same. In essence, there exists a number of arguments that have been successful in convincing members of society that God is real. Additionally, the Holy Bible and other holy books provide proof of a higher being than that of man. According to philosophers, there are many arguments that support or disagree with the ideology of theology but the most convincing ones have attracted immense following. ...
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