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Seven optional topics for the writer's choice, pick only one "attached"

4). This shows that Civilization and its Discontents is a great contributor to the Western culture’s literature. Freud commences his reflections with ruminations based on religious values, and tries to bring out responses to the question as to why human beings are possessed with the feeling of being with the passion of construction, oceanic feelings. An in-depth understanding of the reasons as to why Freud describes this type of feeling as oceanic gives two separate explanations: he intended to establish the view of the superstitions, infantile and mystical religious ways which civilization defines as valuable while based on religious thought, and; the scientific, analytic, and rational ways. ...
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Name: Professor: Course: Date: Civilization and its Discontents At the start of his writing, Freud gives an introduction of civilization and its discontents’ texts as the irremediable antagonism that exists between various demands of instinct and the restrictions surrounding civilization…
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