Condense and rewrite Part IV (Four of Hume's Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion as a conversation carried on in contemporary

Condense and rewrite Part IV (Four of Hume
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Religion is clearly a philosophical issue. There are different ideas that tend to explain a Deity that is said to be all-powerful. The Supreme Being is also said to have similar aspects as those of Human Beings.


This is because the Deity can never match the ideas people have of him. As a result, those that have various opinions about the Deity are prone to facing grievous consequences. On the other hand, there are individuals that believe that the human mind is wide and diverse. However, most people ignore that and assign their abilities to another, which is the Deity. Therefore, the mind is an extension of the soul, which is made up of various attributes. Eventually, it makes people different in various ways due to the arrangement of the mind. This is the kind of conversation that takes place between Cleanthes, Philo and Demea as each takes a different stand. In summary, the conversation between Cleanthes, Philo and Demea depicts religious philosophies due to the different opinions they have about the Deity or God.
Cleanthes: It is alarming to know that Demea does not believe the Deity looks like humanity. This is because she is religious and has been sincere to its cause. Truly, this Deity has super- powers and other aspects that cannot be compared to human beings. Consequently, the thoughts and notions human beings have about the Deity cannot be correct. This is because they cannot completely compare to the real nature of the deity.
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