Evil And Angel Nature Of Human Being.

Evil And Angel Nature Of Human Being. Essay example
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The debate of evil and angel nature of human being is an ancient pondering. Different philosophical schools of thought have explicated their views in varied approaches. It is normally believed that human beings are created having good and bad characteristics at the same time.


The prominent characteristics are identified by the environment in which an individual is nurtured. Nevertheless sometimes nature takes over the nurture but it happens seldom. The most observed and admitted phenomenon is stated by the impact of after birth growth, environment and nurture. This clearly implies the fact that both of the paths are primarily inducted in human nature but the prominent one is influenced through his or her worldly learning (Nietzsche and Faber, 1998). It can be deduced that human beings are not bad from their core; rather they are created by inducting good nature among them. Scientific Arguments In lieu of asking the least fundamental question of searching the fact about the nature of newborn babies, it is exemplified that the mind of a baby has been just similar to an empty showcase. In the empty showcase, the baby will retain the things which will be gifted to him or her in the new world. However it is medically proven that babies take the influence of the outer world before even the mother gives birth to him. Human children get direct influence from the nature of parents, grandparents, outer environment and from the mood of their mother when they are inside their mothers’ bellies. The study of human genetics reveals the fact from the study of DNA and genes. However it might also go opposite as well because it all depends over the strength of influential factors on pre birth child psychology (Ridley, 2003). ...
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