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Analyzing the Seven Views on the Philosophy Of Love and Sex and Understanding Personal Preferences Student’s Name University Section A: (a) Explanation of The View I Endorse Thomas Nagel’s article “Sexual Perversion” (published in 1960) was a path defining work because it acknowledged the topic of “Philosophy of Sex and Love” from a view that was different in comparison to those presented by early anthology writers (Trevas, et.


Neoconservative view presents a more realistic approach towards the relativity of love and sex. It implies that after marriage all types of sexual activities are moral and ethical (Trevas, et. al. 1997). Although this view is considered a subcategory or an extension of the Conservative View, however, it supports a completely different outlook on love and sex. Unlike the Conservative approach in which procreation is highlighted as the basic (and only) motive behind sex, Neoconservative approach gives preference to personal pleasure and emphasizes on elements like affection and intimacy instead of procreation. It requires that the couple perform sex for the purpose of pleasure first and then it can lead to procreation, either way the sexual act is deemed ethical and moral. However, even for this approach the main thing is the marriage; if a couple is married only then intimacy in any way and to any extent will be considered morally permissible (Trevas, et. al. 1997). Neoconservative approach broadens the range of sexual act by allowing oral-genital sex and does not discourage the usage of contraceptives too. ...
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