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Introduction The article “ Philosophers Against the Family “ by Christina Hoff Summers is all about ideas of modern radical feminists and the real desires of an average woman. The author is contradicting the thought of certain philosophers and how they damage the concept of society and traditional norms.


The paper will also analyze the view of the author and how it has been justified in her claims. The conclusion drawn by the author is also a point that will be reviewed in the paper. The author is basically against the radical movement of modern day feminists. Summers is denouncing radical feminist movement and comments that their views are not connected to true aspirations of women. ( Thesis) Christina Hoff Summers in her article “Philosophers against the Family “is arguing about the absurdities of the modern radical feminists. She is claiming that what the radical feminist demands for is not the true wants of a woman. According to the author, a woman wants to be in a family and take care of her children and she does not wants to dominate men as feminist seek. A woman wants equal and fair rights in work place and society and does not want any extra ordinary power like the feminists perceive . Her aim is to show the world the true inner self of a woman and for this; she is out rightly demeaning radical feminists. According to her liberalism is advocating social reform with conservative spirits and it should not be supernal to the social institutions under which people operate. The radicals want to do away with social mores and institutions but the liberal focuses on social reforms. Summers aligns herself with liberal camp while attacking many of the radical ideas of modern feminists. ...
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