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The happiness, however, is subject to fall. This makes the second premise of the argument where Aristotle proclaims that, in the event that the noble happiness disappears, the recovery is a challenge. Happiness, therefore, is a strong virtue that needs consistent and careful observation to limit change to extreme conditions. The authority of academic minds reveals various dilutions that attempt to shift the point of judgment from happiness to experimental proof. In this light, the paper will attempt to examine, these objections to come up with a more preferable conclusion that misjudging Aristotle. Objectors to the premises Happiness is an activity of the soul that varies from person to person depending on a range of factors. This includes personality and surrounding environment (Ross and Lesley 56). It, however, is not clear whether happiness arises because of training or divine intervention. In addition, the element is not easy to predict linking it to either learning or habituation. Detractors can take advantage of this argument to contradict Aristotle’s first premise. In this regards, the essay assembles a series of surface interjectors that subject happiness to destiny rather than a transit mobile element. The Earl of Shaftesbury was a supporter of constitutional monarchy who has non-ending support for the human nature. According to him, Humans are essentially good with limited problems regarding life. He regards moral virtues to be innate and natural with no link to religious doctrines. This is an objection to Aristotle’s Perception of humans. The antique objection furthermore focuses on the potential of goodness relating happiness to other life elements. This contradiction causes a shift in understanding for the Aristotle’s pessimistic life in the study for happiness. Replies to objections The retrospective objections render interest of independence and strength to Aristotle’s second premise. A mature man is responsible for the judgments he makes. Furthermore, he is liable to the various convictions that come because of his actions. This makes the pursuit of progress and peace affect the natural peace that people enjoy. From this perspective, the argument by Aristotle holds no water as people must use the environment to succeed in the setbacks. The life trials and errors furthermore abstract contemporary happiness to resistance of the future. The detractors, therefore, disqualify the veto claims by Aristotle who seems to be suppressed by sadism and spewing thirst for reasoning. This is withstanding the various pre-existing conditions for noble actions by men that guide their rational judgment. Buddha, for example, argues that happiness succeeds an extremely harsh asceticism, which attracted by sensual pleasure. This makes happiness a meditative life and not a virtue (Ross and Lesley 77). Therefore, according to the detractors, happiness is a usually found virtue that does not have boundaries. Theoretical observations Notably, there is no amount of force, which can control a man. It, therefore, is wrong for Aristotle’s detractors to substitute cooperation with authoritarianism in their argument. Whether acquired by habituation or learning, happiness comes with divine providence. It, therefore, must be based on set criteria of resonance. This makes life a non-chance event that entrust efficient definition of happiness to prosperity and misfortunes. From this perspe ...Show more


Name: Instructor: Task: Date: The noble man's happiness does not fall easily away and, once diminished, does not easily return Introduction Book one, chapter ten of Aristotle’s Nicomachean ethics points out that a noble’s man happiness does not fall easily…
Author : casperona
Chose one argument and write about it
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Chose one argument and write about it
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Chose one argument and write about it
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