Applying ethics on Amanda Knox's memoir

Applying ethics on Amanda Knox
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Applying Ethics on Amanda Knox’s Memoir Name: Institution: Introduction Amanda Knox memoir involves the execution processes of Amanda over the death of a British student, Meredith Kercher. The case had been exposed to a lot of un-procedural hurdles and the whole process of interdicting Amanda and other suspects like Guede was not based on the criminal ethics.


So much of the information was left untouched and the investigations were hurriedly handled (Bosman, 2013). The investigation process of the case was harsh and time bound. The criminal backgrounds of Amanda, Guede, Patrick and Raffaele were not traced so that they could be source of the possibility of linking them with the murder charge. As the ethical dispensation of any murder case would have it, the tremor of the link with a murder case would torment the feelings of an innocent person (Bosman, 2013). The implication that the situations could bumper into the person’s mind, and alter the information due to the need to relieve her was never considered. This is one of the instances in the case and the proceedings that justify the case was not fairly and ethically addressed and handled. The investigation of the case In the process of acquiring the data on the purported evidence that linked Amanda and the others to the case of murder, much of the investigative processes and procedures were left unrevealed. It could be true that Guede was at the scene where the British student was killed. This is because they had planned to meet at the restaurant, and the two had been seen to be in a social affair. ...
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