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Thomas Nagel's "Moral Luck"

This makes a person’s action and judgement as the key elements of life. According to Nagel, good will represents an inner feeling exhibited by the people in their daily interaction systems (Nagel 1). Without the good will, the wished-for end of anyone is prone to be unsuccessful. Presumably, the good will enhances a wider-range of friendly relationships and the achieving of the end drives in life. The bad will, on the other hand, becomes a bit complicated in the determination of the people’s peaceful co-existence and their destinies (Nagel 1). The bad will is normally inclined towards evil deeds. The evil deeds do not have a place in most societies. This, therefore, makes bad deeds be grouped under sanctions, which are punishable by the societal laws. The bad wills are against the norms of several social groups. People whose mindsets revolve around the bad will judgements and actions, in most cases, are normally viewed as the social misfits (Nagel 2). This, according to Nagel, is because the bad will paves way for a poor moral responsibility, which does not bring morally acceptable resolutions to many in the long-run (Nagel 1). Nagel further argues that moral judgement and actions are the key elements where the most problems normally emanate from (Nagel 3). A problem experienced at an individual level normally affects behaviours positively. ...
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Self-esteem as the image of the people, according to Kent, should be influenced neither by an individual’s actions nor by judgements. Self-judgment and action are the key aspects in which the id, ego and superego personalities revolve around…
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