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Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics Paper Assignment

His philosophy is connected to practical work, politics which also intends at people becoming good. He explains how virtue of character results from habit. Aristotle suggests that the correct approach to study controversial issues such as politics and ethics which entails discussing what is true about what is just or beautiful is to start is mostly agreed as true by people who have had good upbringing, exposure, and experience in life and to work from there to higher understanding (Aristotle 19). Aristotle strongly suggests the highest goods for any human and the highest objective and intention of human practical thinking is happiness and well being. He also argues that happiness gets well understood as dynamic and stable ongoing and a way of being in action and it’s specifically appropriate for the human. He suggests that the best virtue and the most complete one is the happiest one. According to him, an excellent person is one who is good at living life and the one knows how to live well and beautifully. Aristotle also asserts that virtue for humans must involve reason in speech and thought as it is the most important aspect of human nature and living. Aristotle discusses what ethics is and how it helps to improve human life. Aristotelian ethics explains what makes virtuous character to be possible which in turn forms the main basis for happiness in human life. ...
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Name Instructor Course Date Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics Nicomachean is the name given to Aristotle’s work on ethics. This work defines Aristotelian ethics and it consists of ten books that were originally scrolls. The content is based on the notes from his lectures in Lyceum…
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