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Name: Professor’s Name: Subject: Date: Genetic Experiment Breakthroughs and Controversies Biotechnogical engineering has surely progressed quite hastily. One research developed into another with countless breakthroughs lined up for deeper discoveries. These various studies have opened up the doors for many other related fields such as medicine, pharmaceutical, orthopedics, genetics and others.


Stem cell research is one of the most hotly debated issue that involved political, social, religious and moral concerns. Stem cell research is one of the most developed genetic experimentation with a wide range of possibilities in the field of biology. There are many possible things that these researches can achieve given if the researches are well grounded, well funded and supported by the society. However, question such as the ethical and moral credibility of the action has surfaced. Stem cell research involves the human embryonic cells. These embryonic cells come from new fertilized eggs that started to divide to form any type of cells in the body. Embryonic cells are the stepping stone to finding out new ways of treating health problems. Transplants have been made easier and effective with the advent of stem cell research. Various stem cell procedures that proved to be effective life saving treatments to various sicknesses such as leukemia, tumors, heart transplants and many more have been developed through the extensive researches of scientist (Basics). The cultured embryonic cells have attached ethical constraints. ...
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