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Immanuel Kant - Universalizability Test

The maxim in question is considered as a universal law when it is established whether it has contradictions. The test checks for the contradiction of the maxim in either concept or in will. Contradiction in concept involves the fact that the maxim is unable to meet the threshold of being regarded as a universal law without it presenting a contradiction while contradiction in will involves a situation where the maximum cannot be termed as universal law because its will contradicts itself. Perfect duty is the resultant from maxims that fails the test through the contradiction in concept whiles those that fail through the contradiction in will results to an imperfect duty. The universalizability test provides a ground for determining the moral acceptance of actions. It provides that an act that contradicts itself is not morally acceptable and maxims that can be universalized are morally good. The provisions of the test are based on the generality that individuals have the same moral obligations under the same moral situations. The universalizability test involves three basic steps. Firstly, a maxim has to be formulated in order for it to be tested, is then universalized and finally checked for consistency. The failure of universalizability of a maxim is demonstrated by lack of consistency and vice versa. Kant mentions that a maxim that cannot be universalized consistently is ‘practically irrational’. ...
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The test is used to make a judgment of the moral character of a given maxim such that if an individual cannot imagine the possibility of a particular thing by all humans then to them it is impossibility…
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