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Author’s Name Professor’s Name Subject/ Course Number Date Submitted Cultural Relativism: When culture dictates which is left, and which is right When we try to interpret or understand something in the course of making an opinion about it, we often times use our own set of experiences and our own personal value systems derived from our community to arrive at a conclusion that eventually determines our attitudes towards the subject.


Cultural Relativism is, according to James Rachels, “a theory about the nature of morality”, that “challenges our ordinary belief in the objectivity and universality of moral truth” (Rachels). Essentially, what is right and what is wrong is determined by tradition and culture, and each culturally-dictated standard of living should be viewed, understood, and judged within the context of that particular culture alone (Nussbaum 121). This way of viewing culturally-specific circumstances is a good deterrent for racism, religious extremism, sexism, and other forms of prejudice. We Westerners are and have been guilty of colonialism and ethnocentric thinking. With this in mind, majority of scholars and even undergraduates “are hesitant to make any negative judgment of a culture other than their own” (Nussbaum 121). ...
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