What Is Art? Aspects Of The Definition Of Art.

What Is Art? Aspects Of The Definition Of Art.  Essay example
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Art is considered to be indefinable. Art has no specific characteristics or features. According to the romantic tradition, it is the subject of genius, whose perception is beyond any social limitation and therefore it is considered as indefinable.


Readymade art or found out often challenges the job of an artist as the creator of art (Tolstoy, n.d.). It is not always that an art is indefinable. It can be defined by the help of the institutional theory of Art.
According to these institutional theories of art, it can be defined by the help of its partial or relational properties. The procedure through which art has been developed can also be considered as a way of defining art.
According to the Formalist theory of art, the formal characteristic of artwork can be used to determine its aesthetic properties. This formal relation can be between its constitutive elements such as relationship between line, colors, volume and masses in the form of visual art work for e.g. paintings. There are theories present that confirm that content can be an effective contribution to the aesthetic value of artwork.
The general and non-honorific are two aspects of the classification of art and therefore it better to develop the understanding of the two aspects and the difference between them.
The two main categories of art are fine art or applied and decorative art. Fine art consists of aesthetic objects that are not meant to be used to fill any kind of practical purpose or the art which is purely decorative but doesn’t have any façade of being considered as art. ...
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